Tarnsfield Swim Club, Inc.

Rules and Regulations

(Updated in 2016)



    1. A member is an individual who has paid for a season membership of any kind. 
    2. An adult is an individual who is eighteen years of age during the calendar year. 
    3. A babysitter is an individual who becomes sixteen years of age or older during the calendar year, who is employed by the member to supervise his/her children in the home on a daily basis. 



    1. The primary responsibility for enforcement of the Rules and Regulations rests with the Pool Manager and Assistant Manager whomever is on duty.  Lifeguards will act as Agents of the Manager in enforcing the Rules.  
    2. The Manager is empowered to eject members (including children) from the premises for violations of the rules.  The Manager is also authorized to suspend pool privileges of any member for a period not to exceed seven (7) days.  A written report of the incident must be submitted to the President and Board of Directors within twenty-four (24) hours of the suspension. 
    3. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children and their guests and should acquaint them with the Rules.



    1. Guests must be accompanied at all times by a member.
    2. The conduct of guests is the responsibility of the member under whose names the guests were admitted.
    3. Guest fees-  Weekdays ($7), Weekends & Holidays ($10)
    4. After 5pm guest fee prices are reduced to half price.
    5. Children under the age of 2, during the calendar year, will be admitted free.
    6. Non-swimming guests who are senior citizens will be admitted free.
    7. A member must purchase a season pass ($100) for an individual who qualifies as a babysitter under Section A.
    8. A book of ten (10) guest passes may be purchased for $50, to be utilized within the same calendar year. 


    1. The pool is open starting Memorial Day Weekend on the weekends only until school closes, then will be open 7 days a week and will close on Labor Day.
    2. Hours of operation are 11:30-8:00 except on Thursdays and Saturdays which are 11:30-9:00pm. 
    3. These hours may be altered by the Manager for reasons of health, weather or maintenance.
    4. If preparations for an event necessitate closing of the pool prior to the normal closing time, members will be so notified at least one week prior to the date of the early closing by notification posted on the bulletin board in the entranceway to the Club, or via email notification.


    1. Members must check in and provide their family name at the front gate prior to entering the pool property. Members should also check out upon leaving for the day.
    2. No person other than Club Members or their guests will be permitted on the grounds of the Club.
    3. Guests must be registered by the Host members immediately upon entering the Club grounds. Host members must remain with their guests for the duration of their visit.
    4. Children age ten (10) and older within the calendar year can be left unattended at the pool with a signed permission slip from the parent. Hours of being unattended are limited to 11:30 am-5pm. 
    5. Admittance will be refused to any person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


    1. All persons must shower before entering the pool and after any activities such as volleyball or sunbathing.
    2. Persons suffering from communicable or contagious diseases, skin diseases, fungus infections, open sores or wearing bandages, should defer from entering the pool or will be refused the use of the pool. 
    3. Expectorating or nose blowing in the pool is prohibited. 
    4. No diapers are allowed in the main pool.  Only children who are potty-trained may enter the main pool.  Swim diapers or rubber pants must be worn in the baby pool for those children not yet potty-trained.
    5. Toilet facilities should be used prior to entering the pool. Parents, please instruct your children---violations of the rules can have serious health consequences. 
    6. Responsibility for maintaining the quality of the water rests with the Pool Manager.


    1. Use of the Pool in the absence of a regular lifeguard is strictly prohibited.
    2. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on Club property, except at authorized after hours activities.
    3. Glass containers are not permitted on Club property.
    4. Food, beverages, paper or plastic containers are not permitted on Pool apron.
    5. Smoking is prohibited on the Pool grounds. 
    6. No appliances using electricity will be allowed onto the Pool grounds, unless their use is approved by the Pool Manager.
    7. Running, wrestling, ball playing or undue disturbances will not be tolerated in the bathrooms or Pool areas. 
    8. Diving is only allowed in the diving well. 
    9. No hanging from the divider ropes. 
    10. ONLY one person at a time on the slide.  Swimmers must exit diving well area at the side of the pool. Prior swimmer must have exited the Pool before another may use the slide.
    11. Use of the baby pool is limited to children six (6) years of age or less, and must remain accompanied by adult member. 
    12. Members who cannot pass the swimming test established by the Manager/lifeguards, will not be permitted in the diving well.  Tests will be conducted by the Manager/lifeguards. 
    13. The manager and lifeguards are authorized to ban any activity not specifically prohibited by these Regulations if, in their judgement, the activity constitutes a hazard or nuisance. 


    1. The Board of Directors will interpret these Rules and their intent as necessary.
    2. If a disagreement as to the meaning of a Rule occurs between member and the Manager/lifeguards, the member may request a ruling from the Board. However, interpretation by the Board will occur after-the-fact. Members are required to follow the on-the-spot instructions of the Manager/lifeguards. 
    3. Violations of the Rules should be brought to the attention of the Manager/lifeguards.
    4. Chewing gum is prohibited on the Pool grounds. 
    5. Defacing or damaging property or equipment is prohibited and subject to loss of pool privileges.
    6. All members, children and guests use the Club facilities at their own risk.
    7. All members and guests must wear proper swim attire while using the Pool. 
    8. Continued or flagrant violations of the rules may, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, lead to permanent loss of privileges.
    9. All injuries must be reported to the Pool Manager immediately.
    10. After hour use of the Club facilities for private parties may be arranged and at the discretion of the Pool Manager.
    11. Objectionable language is prohibited.
    12. Playing music at an objectionable volume is prohibited.
    13. Cooking food is prohibited except in areas designated by Pool Management for that purpose.
    14. No littering. It’s your Swim Club- Please help keep it clean!
    15. The Board of Directors is authorized to make additions, deletions or amendments to these Rules if necessary, subject to membership approval at the next regularly scheduled General Meeting.

If you would like a printable PDF copy of these rules and regulations, please use the "Contact Us" feature of this website and a copy will be emailed to you directly.  Copies are also available at the club (please ask a manager).